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It is important to us that both you and your employee are at peace with the moving plans.

That’s why it’s important for us to make them as comfortable and hassle-free as possible during the whole process.

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Stages of the before departing date

Visas and Immigration

Guidance for obtaining a visa and all documents relating to the immigration of the expatriate and his family to the destination country.

Familiarization visit

Through a network of international partners, the family travels to the city where they will live to explore the area and become familiarized with the new city.

Temporary accommodation

One of the objectives of the familiarization visit, the expatriate must look for a temporary accommodation that will receive him and/or his family during the first days after the move.

Move Survey

Assessment of the details and volume of the move, the best time to understand your process needs.

City ​​tour

We take the family to get to know the city they will live in and its main tourist attractions.



Steps in the process where the moving actually takes place

Packing and shipping

Packing and transport of furniture and personal objects, with our own team and exclusive packing.


We store furniture and documents in 3 cities in Brazil, with 24hr monitoring, 7 days a week in  warehouses with controlled humidity.

Transport of Pets

Assistance in obtaining the necessary veterinary documents for entry into the country, as well as flight planning for all pets.

Travel Coordination

Creating a schedule for coordinating the moving, pets transportation, obtaining plane tickets and any other transportation.



Stages of the process that will occur after the professional arrives at the destination city

Temporary accommodation

Accommodation in a temporary residence until the family finds permanent accommodation in the city.

Permanent residence

Search for permanent residence for the expatriate and/or his family with the help of a specialized consultant who will follow the criteria of the company and the family to find the best residences.

Residential inspection and report

Inspection of the property producing a document, with details of condition of the residence. It forms part of the rental agreement and therefore must be attached to it.

Contract signing

Assistance in signing residential and work contracts and contracting local services such as electricity, landline and cell phones, internet, cable TV, among others.

School search

Very important for the success of the assignment, we search for schools for children according to the criteria of the family and/or company. We also assist scheduling interviews and enrollment.

Delivery of goods

Reception of personal moving , sent from the city of origin, and clearance of items at local customs within a compatible period and within a schedule planned during the survey. A safe, fast and efficient process.



Stages of the process that will take place after the family arrives, during the settling in period

Intercultural training

One of the vital parts of the expatriation process, intercultural training helps the expatriate and his family adapt to local customs and culture, so that the initial shock is minimized.


Assistance in finding idiom schools and/or private teachers to study the local language.

Spouse assistance

At Gerson & Gray, spouses and partners have special assistance for on-site adaptation.

Driver's license

Assistance for expatriate and spouse to obtain a driver’s license.


Obtaining insurance for car, property, life, among others.

Bank account

Guidance for opening bank accounts in cases of international expatriation.



Stages of the process that will occur until the date of departure of the professional

Tax Exit

Guidance for the expatriate’s tax exit from the country and entry into the new country.

Closure of Contracts

Assistance with closing employment, residential, and other applicable documents.

Moving Management

Pre-Moving  survey, Packing and Transporting Goods Back to Home City, or for a  New Relocation

Transportation of pets

Obtaining veterinary documents for repatriating pets and transporting them to their destination.

Cancellation of accounts

Cancellation of bank and utilities, such as: water, electricity, telephone, internet, gas, among others.


Packing and transport of personal and furniture goods to the new destination.